Acidic Vagina - is it a myth?

There is so much advice out there about what to do with your vagina- I recently read that some are more acidic than others so release smells? Is this true? Also is douching ok? Does anyone have a routine for keeping their foo foo healthy?

Hey babe, whatever you do, please don’t douche!
It’s so bad for your lady bits. Obvs you gotta keep things clean down there but not to the point where you’re washing the internal parts out, it’s self cleaning so it can take care of it’s own hygiene :v:t3:

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Agree with @Emma_HANX ! Douching messes everything up, just let your vagina do it’s thing :slight_smile:

If your vagina smells funny, it’s probably a sign something isn’t right. My gynaecologist once told me that a healthy vagina doesn’t smell of anything. Though if it’s the end of the day and you’ve been sitting down the whole time, you’ve probably been getting a little sweaty and that’s a whole smell of it’s own. There’s no harm in getting it checked out.

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Totally on board with @Baies. Especially if things have changed for you… when I got checked because of funky smells, and had to be treated for an STI.
Just use normal soap and water but don’t scrub/ douche as this disrupts everything!

Hey @Jenny86, definitely don’t douche as many of these lovely ladies have already advised. I have a feeling @Dr.HANX_Co-founder has a tip or two for keeping your vagina healthy.

Absolutely agree! Nothing fancy to do here. Just wash down below, as you wash your body. No special internal scrubbing needed.

We will be going into details about vaginal health at our HANX Talks event this month. Would be great to have you there, so we can answer any Qs you have in more details! Hope that helps.

Sarah x

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On a side point - I actually came to the event and loved it! Will you be doing any more events on keeping the vagina happy?

Hey Sophie, we’re so glad you enjoyed the event! We don’t currently have plans to do another happy vagina talks though we’re planning a prequel to our Female Orgasm event so keep your eyes peeled :zap: