Anyone had bum acne?

Don’t know if this is cause i have acne elsewhere on my body, but lately i’ve had really bad, huge spots on my bum. So embarrassing and unsightly and they’re leaving marks, too. I was thinking of getting a body scrub, if anyone has a recommendation? i used Lush’s Buffy the Backside Slayer and it was very hydrating but not ‘scrubby’ enough. Basically, help me get rid of these monster, sore spots please! :pray:

Oh no @cleansetoneblog that sounds sore - and not exactly easy to reach! Might be worth seeing a doctor if it’s really bothering you to see if they can prescribe anything. I’ve also always sworn by epsom salt baths warm baths for any skin issues and making sure you aren’t using anything scented and keeping the products you use as natural as possible! Good luck :heart: