Anyone had experience with psychosexual therapy?

I’m in a new relationship with a very loving boyfriend. We’ve got great sexual chemistry, however I’m not able to orgasm. I constantly reassure him that I really enjoy sex with him but he worries a little that he’s not able to make me cum.

I’m able to make myself cum when masturbating and yet, I’m one of many women who struggle to reach orgasm during sex with a partner.

I’m interested in how psychosexual therapy might help to work through it and maybe some past assault trauma I could subconsciously be holding.



Hey @Laladay - I totally get this. I couldn’t orgasm with my ex- boyfriend for ages, and had some psychosexual therapy a few years ago now. It was the best thing I could have done, and although I am no longer with my ex, I have learnt loads of tools to help in future relationships. My ex and I went to some of the sessions together too, which sounds like you and your bf could benefit greatly from.

My therapy was all talking only, and I got access to self-help tools, practical exercises which I did at home, and I it really improved my sexual self-confidence and comfort in sexual relationships.

Let us know how you get on,


Really happy to hear your testimony Rosie!

I am going for it!

Thanks xx

hi laladay!

I;'ve given it a few tries and it really helps, one partner of mine really struggled with not being able to make me relax enough to cum but it’s good to know it’s not about them. See how your first session goes, even just talking about it and feeling like its being seen to really helped my mental state.

good luck xxx

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