Anyone use period cups?

Hi there! Just wanted to get everyone’s thoughts on period cups… I tried the Mooncup a few years ago now and found it really uncomfortable to remove. Not sure if I was just doing it wrong, but currently using period pads and tampons and wondering if I’m missing a trick…

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To be honest, I love the idea of them but they’re not for me. I have tried them but I think my anatomy just doesn’t suit them!! I can feel the cup in place and it’s just uncomfortable. I’d love to try another brand at some point though as love the idea and sustainability of them…

It may be worth trying a few times (I need to do the same!!) as practise makes perfect with these things :slight_smile:

Good luck xx

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Same as @eliza ! I really recommend using period pants instead - still sustainable and better than disposable pads but a lot less uncomfortable.

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Thanks guys - glad it’s not just me! Will definitely try period pants :slight_smile: