Ask Dr. HANX: Low Libido Q&A Thread

In line with our launch of Libido Lift, we’ve set aside time for our co-founder, Dr. Sarah Welsh, to answer all of your questions around libido, changes in sex drive, the product and more. Just pop your questions below, and Dr. Sarah will be answering them over the next few days. She’s spent years as a gynaecology doctor in the NHS, so you’re in great hands!

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Hi Sarah - I posted on another thread about this, but I’ve recently encountered a dip in my libido. I’m not menopausal, or on hormonal contraception, and don’t think I’m stressed! Do you know what else might be causing it?

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Hello! I’ ve recently entered menopause, and it’s wrecked havoc on my libido (along with the flushes !) - any ideas on how to help with this?! Or if it will come back?!

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How does Libido Lift work? Should I just take it before date night? Xx

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my brain gets turned on but my body doesn’t, if you know what i mean! how do i stop this? thank you xx

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Hi @MsLondon thanks for sharing.

I hope you can get some reassurance from this forum that low libido in women is definitely not uncommon. You’re not alone, and there is help out there.

It’s common to have a dip in your sex drive at certain points in life, such as during times of stress or relationship turmoil. In most cases, there is nothing to worry about and your sex drive will return :slight_smile:

As you outlined, stress, menopause and hormonal contraception can all affect libido. However, as well as these reasons, there are plenty more… See some other causes for low libido to consider below:

  • Relationship issues: If you are feeling low in your relationship, not comfortable or attracted to/ attractive to your partner, or there are stresses with your partners, then your libido can take a hit. Psychosexual counselling or relationship therapy can help with this, so speak to your doctor to get referred appropriately.

  • Post-partum: This is the period after you have had a baby, and many women find that they do not want to have sex for up to around 6 months after having a baby. This can be due to the physical effects of pregnancy and childbirth, the need to take care of the new baby, and also the change in hormones after birth. This is very understandable, but there are ways to help improve your libido. If you can, try and get some alone time with your partner, and start slowly without going straight for penetrative sex. Being intimate and close to your partner can then help spark your libido.

  • Mental health: Depression and anxiety are both very common mental health problems, and both can have knock on effects in sex drive. Make sure you seek the right medical support for any mental health problems you have, as there is support and medication out there to help. Learn to love your own body, and don’t forget that self-pleasure can help get your libido back on track too. Be kind to yourself, and only do things you’re comfortable with.

  • Medication: Medications can have an unwanted effect on your libido, so speak to your medical professional about any side effects you’re experiencing. Anti-depressant drugs and blood pressure medications, for example, can have a negative impact on libido. This can include alcohol and recreational drugs too, and there is specific support out there for these addictions.

  • Other Medical Problems: For example, thyroid or heart problems, mental health issues, cancer, and many more, can all cause a decrease in libido. If you’re concerned about your health, bring it up with your doctor.

Remember, with all of the above, don’t be too hard on yourself. There is help out there and ways to treat the problem and improve libido, if this is what you want.

This advice does not replace a consultation with your doctor, so if you have any specific concerns of questions, please do speak to your own GP.

Good luck, and please let us know how you get on.

Sarah x

Hi dr hanx, i get weird fluctuations in my sex drive. Sometimes i want it all the time, sometimes it feels like i could go for months or even years without it and i wanted to ask why?! Am i doing something wrong? I’m casually dating but right now feel like i could just pack it in totally…

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Hi @Julie74,

Thanks so much for sharing, and sorry to hear you’re suffering with side effects due to the menopause. Rest assured this is very common, and there is way to help it!

In most cases, a lower libido during menopause is due to the lower hormone levels. This change in hormones can cause vaginal dryness too, which can lead to pain during sex. Painful sex is not something that helps libido. What’s more, the symptoms of menopause can make you less interested in sex as a whole.

However, water-based natural lube can be a great way to reduce the vaginal dryness and help improve sexual pleasure. HANX has a natural, water-based, pH balanced lubricant that many of our menopausal customers rave about :slight_smile:

You may also want to consider Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), a treatment used relieve many of the symptoms of the menopause. This type of treatment does exactly what it says: replaces hormones. This reduction in hormone levels are what causes menopausal symptoms and thus by replacing the hormones, symptoms often improve. It is important you consult your doctor about whether you are safe to take HRT, and which form is most suitable for you. There are many different ways to take HRT, and different strengths and hormones, depending on your symptoms and medical history. The HRT is likely to also help with your hot flushes :slight_smile:

As with other causes for low libido, it’s important to speak with your partner and be open about how you’re feeling. This will ensure they don’t feel at fault here, and understand your situation. They will also be much more likely to help support you successfully.

Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

Sarah x

Hey @Ellen1001,

HANX Libido lift can be taken daily as a supplement, or as part of a wellbeing routine 2 hours before intimacy.

The key ingredients support blood flow, increased sex drive, hormonal balance, energy and mood. This includes Vitamin B6, maca root, tribulus terrestris, L-arginine, and pine bark. Thus, making you feel much more positive about engaging in sexual activity, and more likely to enjoy sex :peach:

The formula is scientifically-backed, vegan certified, gluten free and the natural peach flavour can mixed with your drink or smoothie of choice :cocktail:

Hope you love it! Please let us know how you get on.

Sarah x

Hi @tayr,

Thanks for sharing - this is a common phenomenon and often not spoken about. It’s completely normal to feel that your subjective arousal and your physical arousal aren’t aligned- it’s known as arousal non-concordance.

You can read more about this over on our blog: What is Arousal Non-Concordance? – HANX

A number of factors may make this response more likely, such as stress, tiredness, lack of energy or simply not feeling it in the moment.

Some top tips:

  • Listen to your body: make a note of what makes you physically aroused. Masturbation is a good place to start here, and make sure to pay attention to the movements and touches that make you feel good. Give yourself the time to investigate and trial different options, whether that’s certain sounds/ environments/ types of sex/ sex toys. This way you can learn about your pleasure before expecting a partner to turn you on (and you can then help them help you).

  • Use lube: Consider introducing lube into your sexual repertoire. Not only does a it help make things more comfortable, avoiding irritation and tearing down there, it can also help alleviate the shame some people feel about vaginal dryness.

  • Consider a supplement: HANX Libido Lift is a great way to help support your overall wellbeing and enhance your libido. The combination of vitamins and minerals can be a good place to get your body ready and functioning to enjoy sex physically.

Please let us know how you find the above, and how things go for you. Of course, any concerns or if things are not improving, be sure to chat to your doctor :slight_smile:

Sarah x

Hi @cleansetoneblog ,

Thanks for sharing. The key thing to remember here is that libido is dynamic and you may feel you have a low sex drive at certain periods in your life, and this is totally normal.

Libido can fluctuate over time, and there are ways you can help boost your sex drive if you wish.

Your sex drive is influenced by the menstrual cycle as well as your desire for your partners/ or an alternative partner(s). Your hormonal changes throughout your menstrual cycle may be something that affects your libido, so it’s worth keeping a diary/ recording your libido in an app, to see if you can notice any patterns here. As you’re casually dating, you may also be influenced by who you’re sexually involved with and whether you’re sexually attracted to them.

It’s also worth touching on casual sex here. I appreciate this is not necessarily the case for you, but many people who are dating are also engaging with casual sex. Although many people find that an informal hookup makes them feel great, there are often also feelings of loneliness, depression, guilt/ regret and low self-esteem. This varies hugely on the person and the circumstances, but if you do notice negative emotions after having casual sex, then it’s worth reflecting on whether this is something you want to continue and whether it’s right for you. These negative feelings will have a negative effect on your libido. The main thing is to ensure you’re being respectful of both yourself, and your partner(s). Sex is one of the most intimate things we can do, it’s more than just physical, and we are meant to bond with those we have sex with. Libido is one of the three brain systems related to sex and relationships, with romance and attachment being the other two, which should not be overlooked!

There is nothing you’re doing wrong, and the fluctuation in your sex drive is likely to be completely natural. However, if you are finding that you want to improve your sex drive, or are having any other unwanted symptoms, it’s worth speaking to your doctor. I’ve covered many other reasons for a lower libido in the thread, so have a look and see if there is anything that feels relevant to you here, too.

Keep us posted!

Sarah x

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