Avoiding UTIs (without peeing after sex!)


Bit of a rogue one, but I’ve been getting recurrent UTIs and was wondering if anyone had any advice. I try to pee after sex but as I usually pee before, trying to force it is often is just more uncomfortable than not peeing.


I would always recommend peeing after sex if possible - I usually down a pint of water, it doesn’t need to be immediate just within 30 mins or so. I would also suggest dmanoose or Pro-Ven probiotics from Holland and Barret!

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Thanks Mads - those probiotics sound great, just ordered some and keen to see how it gets on! :slight_smile: <3

ooh, not heard about those probiotics before - will try them too

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Check your washing powder too as i’ve had awful irritation and UTIs when i used any old stuff. Swapped from bio to non-bio and it’s been way, way better.


Great shout @cleansetoneblog - non-bio really saved me with my eczema too. I really notice a difference if I go away and the hotel/AirBnB uses bio.

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Thanks all! Really appreciate it xx

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Back again with the horrible feeling that I’ve got a UTI coming after going away for the weekend. Anyone know anything that will stop me feeling so crappy? I’ve got some d-mannose on the way but I can’t focus on anything but how miserable it is.

So sorry to hear that @cleansetoneblog ! I normally get some cystitis relief immediately, but make sure you go to the GP if it stays bad - don’t want to leave it untreated for too long.

Never sure if cranberry juice does anything, but I tend to treat it like my period with lots of self care and being gentle. Sending love xx