Awkward Ingrowns and other skin problems

Hey all, so I’ve been having problems recently with ingrown hairs/pimples (?) in my pubic area. I’ve actually had this problem since I was like ten, I just have sensitive skin and a lot of hair, but it has kicked up with a ferocity lately. People say it is often because you shave too much, but I haven’t shaved in years because of this problem, and stopped getting waxed. Ironically, this seems to make things worse, as, when my hair gets really long, it’s kind of uncomfortable and hard to know what going on down there… I’m also a swimmer and some people have mentioned chlorine might be irritating it, but I’ve been swimming my whole life and get the spots even if I don’t swim. It really sucks and not quite sure how to address it. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Hey @siren36 have you ever tried using a coffee scrub? Frank Body does a really nice one with peppermint, it cleared up my eczema and I also use it to exfoliate down there to shift stubborn ingrown hairs, you can get a small bag for like £7 I think.

Hey @siren36 - I use tea tree oil for this kind of thing. And to be honest, keeping it tamed has helped me, but regular waxing is better for me than shaving. I know everyone is different though. Good luck! I know how it is, and it’s not the nicest x