Birth control effecting my sex drive

Hi everyone,

I’ve been chatting to some friends recently about my birth control impacting my sex drive (meaning it is way down compared to usual). Has anyone else found this before? It’s so hard with stuff like this as obviously it could be down to so many different factors, but I hadn’t considered that hormonal birth control could effect this until some friends mentioned it and wanted to see if anyone had, had this experience?

Thank you x

hi jen! just saw your post - in case you’re still having these issues i thought i’d share my experience. i think it’s worth seeing if your sex drive is impacted by hormonal cycles, which in turn can be impacted by the pill - it might be if your pill is changing this rhythm it’s throwing off your libido. how long have you been on the pill for? x

I have had this before but being really honest, i was also depressed at the time and the two were probably linked. I had a GP appointment and ended up choosing to come off hormonal pills as I wanted to see if it had any Effect on the sex drive. It’s been three years using condoms now and my libido is getting better but i think the most useful advice i had was to really work on getting in the mood and be conscious of my stress levels. Not sure if that’s any help but i wanted to chime in!

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