BO on My Period

Very embarrassing :sweat_smile: but I can’t seem to find anything about this online when I search apart from bad-smelling period blood (sorry). When I come on my period, I get really, really bad body odour from my armpits. I wash every day, use anti-persperant of all types including natural ones and the full strength serious ones, shave my pits and STILL reek. I had to ask my sister to sniff me cause i wondered if it was all in my head and it isn’t. Does anyone else get this?!

Hi @frenchxvanilla! Welcome back! :relaxed:
You’re not alone on this one. There’s even suggestion that evolutionarily, body odour gave male mates a subconscious heads up when the object of their desire was ovulating (check this study, where body odour samples from people on their period was ranked least attractive). As you’re on your period, your body odour might well be genetically suggesting you’re not ready for pregnancy to any potential mates.
All very interesting but it doesn’t make you feel any better if you’re having to deal with smelly armpits every month. The BO might also be related to being sweatier generally - are you experiencing night sweats? This additional sweat mixed with bacteria on your skin might be the culprit. We’d suggest having a chat with your GP to rule out anything else if it’s persistent. Good luck! :blue_heart:

My best mate used to get this on and off and it was dreadful. :joy:
Not funny really but it felt like it just popped up when she least expected it and she’d be washing her pits in the cinema loos. She stopped eating garlic and onions and things when she’s on her period and that kinda helped but it might have been trying out a new deo too.