Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 2021

There’s a whole lotta chat right now around smear tests and while IG tiles proclaiming ‘JUST DO IT!’ sometimes you can be left wondering, right? In honour of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, our very own Dr HANX has given the lowdown on cervical cancer to help you conquer the speculum scaries.

Read on here.

Have you had a smear test during lockdown? If not, what’s prevented you from doing so? Let us know below.:heart:


thanks for this girls, for lots of people past trauma means it’s quite daunting going for one but putting this info out there helps remind us to take this step. shared with my friends!

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Thanks for the :blue_heart:, @frenchxvanilla. Eve Appeal are sharing really great resources, too.

Hey! How often are you meant to have a smear? I feel like mine was two years ago and don’t know whether to wait until they send me a letter or to contact my doctor directly? So important but also feel like the NHS are burdened at the moment! Xx

Hi @SophieG

If you live in England, you should be invited for your first cervical screening test up to 6 months before your 25th birthday, and then from the ages of 25-49 you will have a screening test every 3 years (unless there are any abnormalities and this may become more freqeunt).

From aged 50-64 you will have cervical screening tests every 5 years if everything remains normal.

Over the age of 65 you will only need a test if any of your last 3 tests were abnormal.

I hope that helps! Check with your GP if you’re unsure when your next test is due :slight_smile:

Sarah x

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I had one just before lockdown but have had to go to the doctors about another thing in lockdown and surgeries are ensuring they follow the government guidance to keep you safe (Blocking chairs in waiting rooms so you can keep socially distanced, checking your temperature on arrival and wearing masks permanently). GETTING A SPEAR TEST COULD MEAN LIFE OR DEATH so I urge anyone that is due to have theirs done that it is VITAL that they go. I didn’t realise it was the 4th most common cause of cancer for woman until I read the HANX blog post. It’s a serious concern which a 2 minute uncomfortable situation (check-up) can solve. Rant over, sorry :heart: