Coming off hormones


Hey, I am looking at coming off hormonal contraception.

I have been on the pill or coil or some sort of hormones for nearly 10 years now, and recently I have been getting really bad acne and feel that my sex drive is super low. It’s just not for me right now and I really want to see how my body is free from external hormones…

I don’t want to get pregnant so really interested in non-hormonal forms of contraception. What are people’s experiences?

Thanks for any tips!

Eliza x



Eliza, do it!! You won’t look back!! Honestly, hormones are the devil!!

I have been a different woman since stopping hormones 2.5yrs ago. I know everyone is different, but they made me so low and my libido was non-existent.

I use condoms and as soon as I got back into them being a normal part of my life I have grown to love them again. Plus, sex is so much cleaner with them :slight_smile:

Good luck, I know you will be so glad once you’ve made the switch!



I agree, hormones can really mess you up. I also used a fertility tracking app (there are lots out there) with condoms which has been so good for me.
Let us know how you get on xx



Hey Eliza, I feel your pain! I was on the pill for years (progesterone only) and I honestly didn’t know myself! My mood was all over the shop, I was gaining weight and I couldn’t lose it no matter how much I worked out. After 3 years, I finally decided to come off it. Within 2 weeks, I lost 8lbs but I really felt the mental effects after about a year.

I started using the clue app to track my periods and only used condoms at the time. xx



Hey Eliza! I came off hormones2 years ago - best decision ever!! It took a while for my body to come right again but I went straight on to use Natural Cycles which is as effective as anything else when used correctly. Ive used it with/without protection and never had any risky moments (if ya follow!). There is loads of science behind it and lots of very happy users. Id recommend checking it out and making an informed decision but I personally cant recommend enough :slight_smile:



Thanks so much girls. Great to know I’m not alone :slight_smile: and have the push to take the leap now!! Will keep you posted xx



Hi Eliza, thanks for sharing. This experience is not unusual, and although there are many factors that influence acne and libido (sex drive), hormones can be one of them. Some women also find that their experience with the pill or other hormones change with time.

It is good that you’re thinking about this before making a decision, and I would recommend that you write down pros and cons for you before making the change. It may well be the right time for you to come off hormones. And make sure you have another form of contraception to go onto if you’re sexually active (and of course condoms if you’re in newer relationships).

I would advise you see your GP or sexual health clinic, to discuss in more detail.

Hope that helps!

Sarah, HANX