Curious Husband

I am a man I need to out that out there first. I am happily married to my wife. But i have a questions more about her sexuality. Its not something she likes to talk about but every now and then she admits to finding women attractive. I try to explore this with her and have even watched her get off to lesbian porn. I guess I am just curious as to whether or not other women who consider themselves straight have these feelings or if my wife could be bi. I have to admit that The thought of her with another woman does arouse me. Thoughts? Thanks.

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Hey @Anavrin83 - I would just talk to your wife about it. Sexuality is on a spectrum so this is not unusual, and also doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you… I know many women who prefer porn with women too. Hope that helps. But the main thing I would advise is just to have an open discussion with your wife about it. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Hey! I’m a straight female and I do get aroused by women when pleasuring. I think it’s pretty normal when I talk about it with friends. I’d agree with Elle that you should try and find a way talk about it with your wife. Sounds like she won’t open up about it? Maybe start by telling her wha turns you on in detail and then asking her to tell you about hers? Good luck and let us know how you get on! X

Thanks for your input. I think she loves me but i worry shes holding back from something that deep down inside she desires because she is afraid to hurt my feelings I love her more than life and want her to be happy and never want to get in the way of this if its something she wants to experience. I find it reassuring that you are straight and still get aroused by women. So maybe its a normal thing? She wont talk about it. But i try your suggetions thanks again

I can tell how much you adore your partner and if only she could read your message she would hopefully feel more comfortable to actually explore her desires. Hopefully if you can open up the convo with questions you can answer first, she’ll feel more comfortable. Would be great if there were some handy tips for how to have an open convo! Scouring the HANX blog as we speak to see if there’s any resources x

Just had a quick glance and if you head to blog > pleasure there’s a fantasy survey. That could be a conversation starter maybe???

Thanks Sophie. I really appreciate the feedback and you taking time to respond. I will take your advice and find a way to communicate with her. Thanks for the resources too.

maybe she’s bi but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be with you? I reckon have a conversation about it!