Discharge that smells HELP

Hey first post but I’ve been lurking for a while :slight_smile: I can’t seem to shake this foul smelling vaginal discharge that turns up now and again, I’m quite sensitive to things and can’t use flavoured lube or condoms and it’s starting to effect my confidence and my sex life (I never want my bf to go down on me).

What is it ad what can I do to prevent it?

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Welcome, CTB! It’s so scary posting for the first time but you did it!

I’m really sensitive too (Durex tingling gel lube ruined me lol) so you’re doing good to stay away from anything artificial, do you use condoms anyway? It could be a reaction to latex?

Hey @cleansetoneblog

Totally know where you’re coming from and I had that for so long too.

If the smell gets worse after sex (which happened to me) it’s probably bacterial vaginosis. It’s basically the most common cause of discharge but no one talks about it!!! If I get it now I use the gels on hanx. This restores the pH balance in your vagina - you should probs see your doc to make sure it’s nothing else but I don’t think there would be harm in trying the gels to see if they help :slight_smile:

Let us know how you get on. I think so many people experience this but don’t get help.

Rosie xx