Don't know whether to get my boyfriend to pay for condoms!

I’ve just gone off the pill, and I’m really excited/ nervous to start using condoms as our new main contraceptive and say hi to my natural hormones…! Just hoping my periods won’t be hell. But I’ve got so used to being on the pill though as our contraceptive so now I feel a bit bad/ awkward at asking him to go halves on buying condoms… especially as I’m vegan and he’s not, so I wouldn’t be comfortable using a cheaper less ethical/vegan brand like durex, but he would… but having looked into other forms of contraception I’m just not comfortable enough yet to use any of them, so I feel bad at suddenly asking him for money… help meee!

this is a good question! I think if he wants to have sex, he needs to chip in but I understand it’s hard to ask someone when they don’t understand your ethics or reasoning.

tell him it’s important to you and if he doesn’tt mind going halves it’d be a weight off your mind. babies are infinitely MORE expensive! :laughing:


Such a tricky question, but one you should definitely discuss with your boyfriend as it’s so important. I’m sure when he realises how brilliant Hanx is he will be on board. So much easier having them through our letterbox.

I said to my boyf ‘How should we split this?’, and we came up with he pays for our veg box or netflix, and I pay for our Hanx (as we don’t share joint accounts) x


If you do live together, I think Hanx are sold on ocacdo so you could add it to your weekly shop x

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Hey @mayabee and welcome! :wave:

What a great and tricky question! I think half the responsibility is his and so going 50/50 on a purchase where you’ll both feel the benefit is pretty standard. Just like @Amolia said, if you live together, definitely work out a compromise, e.g. add us to your Ocado or Farmdrop shop, or even if you don’t, nudge him to grab a pack now and then or sign up for a subscription.

Money can be really awkward to talk about in relationships - been there, done that! - but this is something you shouldn’t ignore.

Good luck! x

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good idea! sharing is caring as they say.

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Thanks everyone for the top advice- update: he didn’t pay and broke up with me after 2 years of a great relationship… so now I have no use for them aaaaah :frowning:

I’d encourage you to speak with your partner about your preference of condom, and your reasons for the particular brand, to help him understand your perspective. It’s also completely reasonable that he contributes to the cost because this involves the both of you. The condom is going inside you and effects your body, as well as his, so it’s an important decision and for this reason it’s important he respects your wishes. My husband and I haven’t used condoms for more than 6 years as I have an alternative form of contraception but we are going to start using condoms as they also help protect against STI’s; he has just ordered HANX condoms!! Go for it girl!

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Hey @mayabee, I’m so sorry to hear it. :heart:

Take care and good luck in the future - there’s some good eggs out there, they’re just a little harder to find…