Eco-friendly swaps?

hey all x im trying to make more eco-friendly swaps in my life and would love to hear suggestions of what you guys have found helps.

so far, i’ve obviously moved to hanx, and i use fussy deodorant, smol laundry pods and what the crap. im also trying to use my local eco-friendly shop more too and refill basics like pasta etc.

would love to hear suggestions! xx

Hey @tayr - loving the brand swaps you’ve made already :slight_smile:

I have done similar things, and one thing I felt I was wasting loads of was cotton pads to take off make up… I have swapped to Ecovibe reusable pads and they’re fab!! Also in the bathroom, I’ve got bamboo toothbrushes now, which are also super cute.

Keen to hear from others too. Love seeing more brands support the cause !


I also use reusable face wipes @tayr ! I wash them after every use so hoping it reduces breakout chances too.

Otherwise, a big thing I’ve found has helped is being more mindful in my shopping. I normally ask myself if I’m going to use something more than 15 times to make it worth it, especially when it comes to clothes. I used to buy loads of fast fashion but because it was badly made it was unflattering and then I’d never wear it again! Definitely better to shop consciously.

If anyone has any sustainable beauty recommendations, I’d love to hear them too!