First smear test - advice?

Saw the HANX post about smear tests and reminded me I’ve got my first one coming up soon… Any tips or suggestions? I’ve heard some horror stories which have really made me dread it (but will definitely go!)

Hey! I completely get you - I was worried about mine but I had my first one last year and it was absolutely fine :slight_smile: I think nurses know when it’s your first time, mine asked at least, and then they use a smaller instrument and take it easy. A tiny bit uncomfortable but definitely nothin major. Hope it all goes ok xxo

hope it goes okay @Ellen1001 ! i was also really scared but had no problems, and then its over and not hanging over you any more. there will always be bad stories but often there are other elements at play, and its very routine for the nurses too. x

Hopping on this as just had mine (missed my most recent appointments so felt like it had been agessss) - honestly was such a breeze!! Everyone was so nice and it was over in a flash. Just say to the nurse/doc you’re a bit nervous and they’re extra nice :slight_smile:

How was it in the end @Ellen1001