HANX Fix: Emergency Contraceptive Pill

Hello! If you’ve ordered your Emergency Contraceptive Pill via HANX Fix, this is your digital safe space to:

  • ask questions

  • support your fellow morning after pill users

  • chat through any side effects you might experience

  • check in with Team HANX on how you’re getting along with post-morning after pill contraception


So pleased to see HANX launching the morning after pill!

I’ve had to purchase this in the pharmacy before and felt judged, and overall has been such an unpleasant experience. This is such a great community that could make this experience so much better for anyone needing to buy this! Has anyone else had a negative experience buying this in the pharmacy? Love seeing easy access to more options :hearts:

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Hi @VanessaW, thanks for commenting. We’re sorry to hear you had a difficult experience getting hold of the morning after pill. There’s a lot of moral judgement around the emergency contraceptive pill, and we need a big societal shift to change that. In the meantime, we hope HANX Fix: Pill is a judgement-free resource if you need it. :blue_heart:

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So good. Well done ladies!!!

exciting times. can’t wait to see what you do next! :two_hearts:

It’s so amazing to see this readily available for women! If people were comfortable to share I’d love to hear any experiences people may have had with this before where it has been difficult to obtain the morning after pill.

I am from the US originally where this can be controversial so I find the UK system has been way easier for women’s choice! I do think there is still a stigma behind taking the morning after pill though? Do people agree? Would love to hear people’s thoughts and support each other!

Thank you so much, @frenchxvanilla! :blue_heart:

What a kind message, @cleansetoneblog! Thank you for your support. :blue_heart:

I really wish this service was around when I needed to get emergency contraceptive!! I can’t tell you how awkward it was to to have to tell the person behind the counter what I needed and answer personal questions with 3 people behind me in the queue!

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So great to see people talking about this! I have been put off my contraception in the past, but of course emergency contraception can be so essential.

I remember having to take it a several times when I was in a long distance relationship a few years ago and it was so stressful. My periods were messed up for months! I wonder if there is anything you can do to help regulate these and get them back on track? Or do you just need to run with it?

Would love to hear anyones thoughts!