Has being on the pill for ages affected my fertility?

I was on the pill for 8 years and now I’ve come off it. I’m worried it has affected my fertility because my hormones are all over the place. My cycle is super irregular, like 36 days long, and my period does whatever the fuck it wants. Has anyone else experienced this?

Your fertility comes back straight after you come off the pill. I was worried about that too, but my friend was on the pill for 10 years and got pregnant within a couple of months after coming off! Everyone is different, but see how you get on after coming off and see your GP if it’s not settling.

After you come off the pill your body is a little bit haywire, and your hormones are naturally out of balance. If you were on the pill for 8 years, your body isn’t going to go back to normal straight away! I was on the pill for 5 years and my cycle took a year to go back to normal, it was pretty irregular for ages too. Don’t worry the body is so resilient!

I had a similar thing to @Junglegirl, my hormones were basically doing their own thing for the first 6 months after I came off the pill then they returned to normal. I’ve heard your fertility returns after 1-2 months so I wouldn’t stress about that babe.

I asked my GP about this and they said it wouldn’t affect your fertility, but your pill could have masked any problems you might have had. Also, there are so many things that affect fertility… like your lifestyle, hormones, age, your partner… any problems just get checked out. Good luck xx

Hey Baies, you’re not alone here, it’s completely normal to experience imbalance after coming off the pill. Don’t worry, I know @Dr.HANX_Co-founder has some words of wisdom she can impart :slight_smile:

Hormones and pills can affect everyone differently, so please see you GP or specialist to discuss your situation in more detail. Depending on which pill you were taking (progesterone only or combined progesterone and oestrogen pills) can affect people in different ways too.

However, it is worth noting that as soon as you stop the pill, you could become pregnant! So please use another form of contraception if this is something you want to avoid.

Some people take a few months before their body returns to a ‘normal’ cycle for them. Your cycle can also be affected by other factors such as weight (loss or gain), physical activity, stress/ anxiety, other medical problems and so much more! Our bodies are strange but wonderful things, and as you’ve been on the pill for 8 years, you may not be aware of any underlying factors influencing your cycle.

Hope that helps a little, and remember you’re not alone with this!

Sarah x

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Thank you @Dr.HANX_Co-founder and the rest of you lovely ladies. It’s good to know that it’s normal for my cycle to be irregular, I’m really enjoying being off hormonal contraception for the first time in years, it feels pretty good, hormone ups and downs aside :relaxed:

Hey @Baies how are you doing lovely?

Hey @Junglegirl thanks so much for asking. My cycle has finally evened itself out and I’m feeling really good, it’s light a fog has lifted, and my skin is actually clearer than it was before!