Heavy periods: when to be worried?

Hi! Sorry for the TMI in advance…

I suffer from really heavy periods. I get through a super tampon in an hour or two sometimes, and when I stand up and have a shower in the morning it feels like a ridiculous amount of blood.

I don’t want to go back onto hormonal contraception (it didn’t really help anyway), but any tips on how to make it more manageable?

Hey Ellen.

I’m in the same boat. Nothing I’ve found has actually made much difference to the flow, but:

  • Organic tampons seem to have helped with cramps and irritation with having to constantly swap them compared to the standard ones.
  • Period pants are a lifesaver. I used to dread sleeping on a heavy period but I use Modibodi’s overnight ones and they’re AMAZING.

Hope that helps <3

Thanks @Amy01 ! I love period pants, so that’s a great shout. Will try the eco tampons too :slight_smile:

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