Holiday season survival tools

Hi everyone!

I thought I might try to see what people’s thoughts were on here… I posted a while ago about hormonal moodswings, which I am learning to manage, but still affect me. I just wanted to see if anyone had any tips for dealing with the pressure of the holidays? All things family/relationship/winter can get me down (which also has an effect on my hormones, and probably sex life?!).

Basically all holiday health and relationship advice welcome :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

V x

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Hi Vanessa, this is so true and definitely feels like this year (yet again :tired_face:) things are even more heightened. I find that setting boundaries for yourself, and keeping up any regular habits helps me stay sane! Wishing you a happy and healthy Christmas :heart:

Hey @VanessaW - totally feel you… I am finding this year even worse than the last as it feels never ending and all my family/ friends are dropping like flies (with Omicron and needing to isolate), meaning it’s currently a small family affair at home this Xmas. This makes family pressures intensify for me!!

Two v simple things that have made the world of difference to me - 1) meditation in the morning. Finding my breath, and concentrating on this help take my mind off everything else. And 2) going for walks. Even when the weather isn’t great, just being outside, moving my body, and getting the fresh air, works wonders for my mental health.

Good luck and keep us updated xxx

@VanessaW I love CBD to get me through the tricky bits. Tried a few (Cannaray, Minor Figures when they used to do it and bloom but I don’t think they’re in business anymore sadly). Worth having a look at that. It might just be a placebo effect but seems to work for me lol. :sweat_smile: