How are people finding dating coming out of lockdown?

Hi everyone, I’d love to hear how other people are finding starting to date/have sex again after being single during lockdown? I’m still really nervous, but want to get back out there. Is there any particular dating apps people have been enjoying? How are you managing COVID risks? Would love to hear anyones tips/positive or funny stories!!


Hey Anna, I’m so glad you brought this up because I for one am nervous. I use to feel so bubbly and outgoing pre -covid and now I feel very introverted and insecure. Not sure if the insecurity has anything to do with piling on the COVID calories but I just feel not worthy of a date. Maybe also not sure what to expect post Covid? Part of me thinks just rip the band aid and start going on dates but the other part is scared!!!

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I’m super nervous too. I think so many people are in the same boat though, and the guys I want to meet will be too… so I guess we just have to be honest about that and take things at our own pace.

I think after the first few dates I will feel better but it’s the thought of it that makes me so nervous.

Have you been on one yet @SophieG ? Let us know how it goes… I am talking on apps but yet to go :grimacing:

People seem so busy/keen to go out into the world that they don’t want to chat online first!