How do I get my partner to be more clean *down there*


I’ve been seeing my partner for 3 months and whilst the sex is great, he can often smell funny down there. I know he works out but regularly showers however its really off-putting when I want to go down on him. How can I broach the subject without offending him?



Such a tricky one. I think there is no easy way but to just tell him or drop little hints.
Also shower sex is great :wink:

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Lol, shower sex is a great ploy but also literally just tell the boy. I’m sure he would tell you if he was experiencing a similar thing with your vajayjay. P.S I’ve heard pineapples help with the taste of bodily fluids so maybe it will improve the smell too, worth a try :pineapple:



Thanks for the tips - shower sounds great but omg super impractical - how do they do it in the movies?!

I just can’t bring myself to ask him because my delivery is not great and I just dont want to hurt his feelings. I have tried before saying how awesome my shower gel smells hinting that he should use it. I was thinking perhaps saying “you should use XX down there, it’s meant to feel amazing ;)” gahhh but I just dont know!

Does pineapple actually work? I thought that was a myth? And does it work on women too?!!?!



Hey Sophie, just weighing in here on the pineapple situation. I can confirm that eating pineapple does indeed improve the taste of bodily fluids, so I would strongly advise you fill his fridge with pineapples and see what happens :joy_cat: