How to book a smear test?

Hi guys,

I recently moved and am still to register with a GP. I’m pretty sure my smear test is overdue and I’m wondering what the easiest way to book is? Is there a way to do it without going through your GP? Also a bit anxious about it as it’s been a while!

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Hellloo! Don’t worry, I went for one a couple of weeks back without being called to do it and I haven’t had one in ages. I gave the local GP a call and thought that I’d have to wait for ages cause of covid etc but they were really nice and they booked me in the next day. You might be okay to do it even without being registered? I’m not sure sorry but try not to panic! The nurse said to tell my friends to get in doen if they haven’t already, so be brave!

Hey - the recent blog on hanx was super helpful too:

100% get your smear booked in @VanessaW - speak to friends about it, honestly it’s never as bad as I think it’s going to be and the staff really put you at ease. Tell the staff you’re anxious and they will be extra careful too. Hope it goes ok xx

Thank you @cleansetoneblog and @rosie I was worried I might have to wait ages! Good to hear you got booked in quick. I’ll give them a call and I’m sure it won’t be as bad as I think! :muscle:

Thanks for posting about this @VanessaW it’s super helpful!