Introductions Oct 2021

We’ve been expecting you… :wink:

You might be brand new to the HANX Gang, or an OG friend who’s only just discovered our forum - and we’re so pleased to see you here in our digital VIP zone.

Ready to get to know each other? Leave a short comment below telling everyone a little bit about yourself. :blue_heart:

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Hi everyone, I’m Emily. I’ve been part of Team HANX for three months now looking after all things Brand so we’ve probably already chatted in our DMs, on email or here! :wave:

I love terrible reality TV (Married at First Sight is the current binge watch), hanging out with mmy cats and vegan cooking. Looking forward to getting to know more of you!

Hey everyone I’m Steph from London :purple_heart:

Gekko! (I did type hello but it autocorrected to gekko which tickled me so I’ve left it :joy::lizard:).

Hello, I’m Kiara. I’ve realised I’m perimenopausal over the last few years, which at the age of 39 feels a little depressing but I’m determined it’s not going to take over my life and especially my sex life!! I have been with my husband for almost 15 years and we have a good life together but the recent hormonal changes are putting a dent in my sex drive for the first time in my life and I just love initiatives like HANX for creating a place to ask questions, learn from each other and use products that have been created with all bodies in mind. I look forward to reading more on the site.

Hi @Hanxbk, welcome to the HANX Gang! Great to have you with us here. :blue_heart:

Hi @Kpidge19! Welcome to the HANX Gang. :blue_heart:
Love your open attitude (you’ll get along just fine around here!). Perfect timing - we’ll be diving in to the world of menopause later this month, with plenty to talk about for those heading into it, going through it and coming out the other side. Looking forward to your perspective! :wink:

Hello! I’m Nina from London. I’m still exploring the world of birth control and what suits me best, would love to use this platform to find out more. Have a lovely Sunday everyone! :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, my name is Jesse. Looking forward to learning new insights.

Hi @plantmamanina, welcome to the HANX Gang! (Any tips for our office plant babies, we’re listening). :eyes:

We’re so glad to see you round these parts and hope to support you along your birth control journey. Get asking! :blue_heart:

Hi @iamjks, so great to get to know you! Welcome to the HANX Gang - we can’t wait to get chatting… :blue_heart:

Hi, I’m Holly from London! :green_heart:

Hi I’m Fiona. Just joined to see if anyone else had issues around getting around in long term relationships. :+1:

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Me!! I came out of a long term relationship a few years ago and was dating - which was not ideal around covid times and struggling to get back into it post lockdown etc. Have you tried dating apps or events Fiona? I’m plucking the courage up to do some in real life events as think I’m better in person xxx