Isolation with new boyfriend

Hey HANX, I wasn’t expecting to move in with my boyfriend so soon but due to family constraints we decided to isolate together. For the most part it’s going well but I’ve noticed the number of times we have sex decrease. Is this normal?

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hey @Sjane,

I posted about this a few days back as I;m in a similar situation with my boyf. it’s such a stressful time that i think sex is just on the back burner for a lot of couples who live together. maybe just enjoy the time your spending together and the intimacy will follow?? xx

Yeah you’re right. It’s best not to put too much pressure on it. Thank you! x

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Hey @Sjane and @frenchxvanilla

Thanks for bringing this topic up - I have heard it a lot since lockdown started. A few things to note here are that

a) Libido isn’t a constant thing. It is always changing, for every one of us, and many factors affect it. Your sex drive won’t always match your partners, and will change throughout your life and the months too!

b) one thing that can really affect our libido is stress. And guess what, a global pandemic is very likely to increase our stress levels. It can also impact anxiety and low mood, so please don’t be hard on yourself, and seek support if you need it.

c) Support your partner, and talk to each other. Whatever you’re feeling, it’s helpful to talk it through, and remember that this isn’t forever. We will get through this and come out the other end :slight_smile:

As you’ve mentioned, stay positive, and stay close. If you’re lucky enough to be in lockdown with a partner, hug each other and touch each other. This is something many people isolating alone are craving- touch! And not necessarily sexual intercourse, but simply being with someone else. So don’t put pressure on loads of sex, just because other couples may be doing that.

Sarah x

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