It's A Veganuary Thing!

Yep, you’ve probably seen it all over your feed and yes, we’re getting green here, too! While you’re blitzing smoothies and looking up if your fave primer is plant-based, have you taken a moment to consider your sex life, too?

We give you the lowdown on vegan sexual wellness products here. Giving Veganuary a go? Let us know below… :seedling:

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Just finished a load of not cruelty-free make up don’t judge so I can splash out on the lush solid foundation. Already use HANX :slight_smile:

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Ooh, let me know how it goes with Lush - I’m currently using Lottie London (all their products are vegan).

I didn’t even know some condoms were not vegan unit I came across HANX !!

I am not fully Vegan but try to be as plant based as possible, and loving AllPlants - made it super easy this month to be fully vegan in everything I eat :smiley:

Probably won’t be 100% vegan but every little helps xx

I’ve been trying to do it 3 days a week. I tested this Vegan Mac ‘n’ cheese recipe last night and it was tasty! Sometimes I think trying a substitute meat or cheese makes it taste worse and somehow this tasted lovely and thick cheesy! I did OD on the mustard slightly though so I’ll go easy on that next time… :grimacing:
Doing what I can :green_heart:


Totally dreaming of this vegan mac n cheese… thanks for the recommendation!!

All Plants are making me feel less guilty and a little easier to be a part time vegan. I can’t muster it full time!!! x

try Amy’s frozen Mac and cheese (think it’s the rice based one that’s heaven!)

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Adds to Whole Foods basket :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: