Keeping a small wound clean

I drained a pustule that was on one of my inner labia. Thing is, I have no idea how to keep it clean now. Will hydrogen peroxide damage anything? Should I try to keep it packed?

Hey @Frodos.finger I have had a Bartholins gland drained before (not sure if this is what you have but mine was on inner labia too) and the doctors told me to sit in a bath of warm water and just keep it clean with water (not soaps). Try not to irritate it- I simply just did this and it was fine :slight_smile: not sure about hydrogen peroxide but that doesn;t sound like something you want near you vagina… Hope it heals ok!

Ouch don’t use hydrogen peroxide! That’s what’s used to bleach hair. One thing you can do is wash the area with warm salty water. Sudocream is also great for speedy healing and preventing infection