Kegels?!?! Advice


I’ve seen loads of posts on TikTok about kegels, and was wondering if anyone had any tips? I started doing lots of the ‘clench along’ vids (lol) but then I saw another post saying they were bad for you!? So confused :joy:

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Yes!! Do them!! So many women I know have urinary issues and this can be prevented with Kegels. It’s just like exercising any other area of your body… you can even use Kegel balls and Kegel weights.

The muscles you focus on are the ones that you tighten when you are trying not to pee. The best way to ensure you’re tightening the right muscles, is to pay attention to the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine when you go for a pee. These are the muscles you use when doing Kegels!

Good luck and here’s to strong pelvic floors, better sex, and no urinary incontinence haha xx

I also wondered about this @citygal - thanks for the advice @eliza , super useful!

Following on from this - had a q about kegels! I thought my pelvic floor was pretty strong, but then a week ago I did a pretty intense exercise class and in the jumping I felt like I was about to wee myself! Does this mean I have a weak pelvic floor?