Lockdown libido

Anyone else’s libido taken a hit during lockdown? I feel like I lack any desire or need for sex or intimacy. Anyone else feel this way or have tips on how I can bring my mojo back?

S x


Hey Sophie,

You’re not alone - this recent article by The Telegraph delved into the nation’s sex lives, revealing “25 per cent of Britons didn’t have sex at all last year, and close to 40 per cent had less sex.”

Working in the same space you should be relaxing in is definitely a mood killer, so try and get into the habit of clocking off at the same time every night (hard I know) and establishing a little downtime in the evening to get in the right frame of mind… I pack my laptop away and set the table ready for dinner as I know I’m not the only one who can’t get it on while I’ve got spreadsheets on the brain. :brain: Team HANX shared our fave tips for winding down here and they definitely can be applied to this - just swap the podcast for your fave sultry sounds. Good luck! x