Love In The Time Of Corona

Are you ready for our 14 day partner challenge?

Each day we will send you a task to complete with your partner via Instagram Stories. Whether you’re in a new or long standing relationship, our mission is to help you to get to know them more intimately during this close encounters time. Of course, you must be in self-isolation with this person/ living with them to take part!

Let’s love each other in a variety of ways.



DAY 1:

Find an item at home to tie up your partner with…

Need ideas? Perhaps a bow tie, some ribbon from your wrapping paper stash, a dish cloth, your strongest dental floss or your favourite scarf!

For many this may be completely new so take your time. It’s okay for it to feel awkward or clumsy. Giggle, tell each other what feels comfortable.

Enjoy taking control of your partner and next time try relinquishing the control :slight_smile:

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Really love this!! My partner is a “key worker” so not home until later- I am going to surprise him with this challenge :smiley:

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Great initiative! I am self-isolating with my girlfriend and we are both struggling with work (I’ve been furloughed and she is freelance) so this challenge will give us something fun to focus on, and de stress !! Can’t wait to try them out :sweat_smile:

Thanx Hanx


Can we still take part in this?


You can find the Love In The Time of Corona Challenge over on our IG highlights right here, good luck and let us know how you get on…