Managing irregular cycles

hey! ive just started using hanx condoms, and was really excited to discover this forum to chat on.

i came off the pill a year ago, but my periods are still really irregular - my cycles are anything from 28 - 38 days. i dont mind the long periods, but i find it really hard to know what to expect (a whole 10 days of guessing if my period will come!) and its really hard to make sure my life is organised around my cycle (holidays, big work meetings - i get really bad migranes just before my period comes so i like to avoid big events then).

does anyone have any tools on how to manage irregular cycles, or know what i can do to make it more regular?

taylor x

Hi Taylor!

I use the flo app to track my cycles - it really helps see patterns, so even if your cycles are irregular, if you can spot one trend (e.g. you feel x when you’re ovulating), you might be able to tell when larger symptoms are coming!

Otherwise, that must be really difficult - I know that stress can cause havoc on period cycles, so that might be having an impact if you’ve got anything going on at the moment (not that stress is an easy thing to change!)

Hope the tracking app helps a little bit at least :slight_smile:

Hey Taylor,

I can definitely relate to fluctuating cycle lengths! It can really suck. Ellen makes a really good point in terms of tracking ovulation. Your bleed tends to come 10-14 days after ovulation. Flo has good tips for this - I highly recommend temperature tracking :slight_smile:
I also have a YouTube channel with some tips here.

In terms of the migraines, there are a few things that can contribute to these. Lara Briden has a good blog on it. I’ve found the gluten free diet really helps mine!

Hope this helps!

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thanks so much ellen and maria!!! that blog post was super helpful @maria - love the videos too, really great and useful content :slight_smile:

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