More productive during menstrual cycle!?

Hi everyone,

I friend sent me this article recently and I saw Hanx were featured How to harness your menstrual cycle to be more creative and productive | Metro News

Personally I always feel way less productive on my period (chocolate and netflix yes please :rofl:) and I’m terrible at remembering to track my cycle in general. Anyone have any tips on this?

Hot water bottle and chocolate all the way. I’m not productive at all, I’m in pain, bloated and feel heavy. Although I have to say by day 3 a little more horny ???

I feel this @SophieG :sweat_smile: hot water bottle, chocolates and netflix all day please.

I do feel like my libido is sometimes up during my period too! But at the same time I don’t feel very sexy?! Anyone else?

I love the idea of tracking my cycle to make my life easier! I actually do tend to find sometimes I have more energy when I’m ovulating (when I’ve tracked this previously). Anyone else?

My favourite analogy about the menstrual cycle is about the seasons. Spring/Summer/Autum/Winter. My wife’s in Autumn now and expecting her period on Saturday so tends to focus a lot more on her inner self, leaning into journaling etc. First 2 days of her period/winter she always blocks out the days in her calendar. For Spring she can be super productive and also can make lots of plans (I like this cause I’m normally the ‘we should do this’ kind of person which I totally avoid in those winter days). In Summer she’s stronger and lifts heavier weights at the gym (it’s actually amazing the difference it makes).

Claire Baker talks a lot about the menstrual cycle on seasons too which has been helpful to understand for us both, as a couple. I also know there is a lot of research to back up my wife’s experience. Your Brain on the Pill includes a bunch of those references but yeah there are more and more articles I’ve seen too, like the Metro one referenced above!

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Really interesting analogy, Harry. Definitely stealing the idea to block out my calendar!

If anyone here is really into their sport or exercise, I’d recommend having a look at the app Wild (not sponcon, I met the Founder Helene a few years ago and have followed her progress with interest!). It’s all about tracking your body daily and creating your own training plan based on your hormonal fluctuations and when in your cycle you’re the strongest/most likely to boss a workout.

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