My BF and I broke up, now I think I like this girl I just met

I recently broke up from my boyfriend. I went on a solo traveller holiday to get some mental space and then I met a girl who I got on with so well and who happened to be really cute, I feel like my feelings aren’t platonic but I can’t make sense of them and I don’t know what to do.

I miss her and I want to know if she misses me too.

Did you get any indication from her that she was interested in you more than just friends? If so, then maybe ask her straight up? Is she local to you?

Agree with @SophieG - just message her! You have nothing to lose :slight_smile:

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She’s local, and I don’t know. We spent all our time together and I felt like we had a connection. I don’t even know how I feel, at the moment I’d be happy to be friends with her I just want her in my life.

It sounds like you are sad and a little lonely and that’s totally ok considering you have just come back to reality from a great trip and the recent break up.
If she’s local then great, just reach out to her and go for coffee / brunch. Sounds like you just want her in your life in some capacity. You don’t need to tell her how you feel straight away as it sounds like you’re not sure yourself. Keep us posted!!

Yes, I say meet up and see how you feel. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you’re feeling. Then you can se if it is romantic/ she feels the same and go from there. Let us know how you get on!

Hey girls, @Eliza @rosie @Jenny86. I text her and we’re going for brunch this weekend. I can’t wait to see her :blush: Thank you :yellow_heart:

Aw love this thread! Keep us updated lovely :dizzy:

Hey @Junglegirl how did it go?

@Olivia_HANX Brunch was super lovely, I found out she ended things with her old GF just before Christmas so I’m going to try and not give off too many flirty vibes for now. Happy to be hanging out with her as friends and we’ll see what happens in the future :relaxed:

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Yay, glad it’s all working out! Keep us posted! x