My boyfriend won't go down on me


I am really struggling as my boyfriend flat-out won’t give me oral sex. He said he can’t stand going down on me, but this is a significant part of my pleasure when having sex. It’s starting to really affect our intimacy because I don’t enjoy just P in V sex.

We have been together 6 months now, and everything about our relationship is great apart from the sex and I think this is a huge part of it.

It has made me self-conscious about down there and whether it is something about me he doesn’t like.

Would really appreciate any advice or tips! And also to know I am not alone!



My ex boyfriend was the same, he wouldn’t go down on me because he said he wanted to ‘play to his strengths’ :roll_eyes: . Sadly this wasn’t the lamest thing about my ex, but I think there’s something in it, maybe your boyfriend feels insecure about it or maybe he’s just being a lil’ bitch. Either way he needs to understand this is something you want and let’s be honest girl, something you need. So tell your man that you want him to go down on you and guide him when he’s down there, you can even make it a hot/cold situation, you know when you were a kid and you’re hunting for presents as you get hotter/colder. However you style it out you gotta voice your desires hun!



Rosie, I sure as hell hope you aren’t going down on him if he isn’t going down on you. Oral is not a one way street, not in this century.

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Agreed with @Emma_HANX !

Maybe try some other things in foreplay, show him what you like and make it pleasurable for both of you. It’s a two way thing and sex is a big part of relationships!



Oh babe, this sounds awful especially if it is playing on your insecurities. Totally agree with @Emma_HANX - you better not be giving him the good stuff! Maybe slowly bring him round to the idea with some foreplay or finger work at first and over time bring him round to it. I also think teasing him with oral to show him what he is missing out on or how good it can feel then pulling back could help. Think of it as an appetiser :wink:



Ah thanks girls. I’ve told him tonight and he’s so understanding, I feel loads better already! Let’s hope it improves… really glad I can talk to other people about it :slight_smile: I haven’t until now