PMS - Mood Swings Anyone?

Does anyone suffer from mood swings prior to your period? The last few months I have found around a week or so before I am due, I get so emotional its unreal. Like I’m talking crying over the smallest thing, rage and anger and just a general downer to be around. Does anyone else get like this? I am not sure if it is PMS or if it is something else?

Hey @Jenny86, I get the exact same way before my period. The tiniest thing can set me off, like an advert or seeing a homeless person sleeping rough. It gets worse when I’m super tried and or hungry, so I try to make sure I’ve slept well and always have a snack in my bag when I know PMS time is around the corner.

Hey @Jenny86 I used to get real bad PMS symptoms when I was on the pill, the rage was the absolute worst, I would literally see red sometimes. My poor boyfriend is a saint for putting up with the anger, which could literally be set off by the smallest thing lol, I was a ticking time bomb. The best part was I could also swing the other way and begin uncontrollably sobbing as if the whole world was going to end, and all in the same hour :upside_down_face: Not cute! Anyway last year I came off the pill after 6 years, stopped using hormonal contraception and my PMS symptoms are so much more manageable now. I literally never rage though I do cry at the little things, which I find kind of cathartic to cry it out every now and again. All of this is my long winded way of asking if you’re on hormonal contraception?

Thanks for your comments @Junglegirl and @Emma_HANX super kind.

@Emma_HANX - I recently had the coil removed. I have to say, I was loco when I had the coil in but don’t feel anywhere near as bad as I do now. It has only been around a month and a half so maybe it is my body adjusting to hormones ? I have started tracking on a iNotes the days when I feel low but would love to see how I can track alongside my cycle and other things. Any suggestions? I agree sometimes it can be when I am hungry, but honestly, any thing and everything is setting me off at the moment. And then some days I am super happy so I feel very bipolar!

I wonder if other people specifically get depressed around their period and if it is an actual thing.

Hey ladies, some really important and real issues here.

As with everything, we are all different, and have varying levels and responses to hormones (natural or ones that we take/ put in our bodies). Many women experience symptoms of depression and anxiety during their period, known as PMS. PMS can also exacerbate existing depression.

PMS a combination of physical, emotional, and behavioural symptoms that occur during the premenstrual period of their menstrual cycle. Some women feel depressed, may have certain food cravings, breast tenderness, abdominal cramps, tiredness, and so on…

You may also experience severe depression due to premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), which can be debilitating.

Ways to help combat PMS are with lifestyle changes, such as good exercise, diet and sleep habits, and with certain medications, which you can discuss with your doctor.

Good luck.

Sarah x

I wanted to ask the same thing!! Thanks for all the tips… I was waiting for a forum like this.