Recurrent thrush for years

I have been getting thrush for about 4 years (ever since losing my virginity, I am still with the person this was with). I have had two 6 month long courses of fluconazole and while I am on the treatment the thrush stays away, the thrush also stays away for the following six months. However, as soon as I hit the 6 month mark the thrush returns. My boyfriend has also done the treatments. I have tried probiotics, cutting down sugar, stopped using soap down there, cleaning with warm water after sex, tried using multi gyn to restore the acidic ph of my vagina after sex. I also came off the combined pill as I was told this was a trigger and have been tested for all sorts including diabetes. I have currently had thrush for about 2 months and the treatment is not sorting it (I am afraid after all the rounds of treatment I have become resistant.) I am really not sure what to do and I am becoming quite anxious and depressed by the situation as it effects almost every aspect of my life including my social and sex life! Please if anyone has been through this and has any advise I am desperate!!

I should also say that I am sure it is thrush as I have had many positive swabs taken. I have also caused my boyfriend to get balantis a number of times ( the male version of a yeast infection). I also stopped using tampons and now make sure my pads are non scented and organic.

Hi @Mads818, that sounds like a right old nightmare. So sorry to hear you’ve been through the wringer with recurrent thrush. I know a lot of my mates have also tried the cutting out sugar and ditching soap, too.

Throwing it out there to the HANX Gang, if anyone has any tips, let @Mads818 know!

Hey @Mads818

So sorry to hear about this - such a horrible experience and completely understand how it affects your life in so many ways.

It sounds like you’ve had lots of swabs, examinations, tests and treatment courses. I hope you’re under a gynaecologist/ specialist getting the right expert help and treatment?

Many people have recurrent thrush, but it runs a different course for different people and different bodies. It definitely sounds like you have tried a lot already, and all the right things. Hang on in there and don’t lose hope, time and persistence and patience all help. It can be a frustrating condition for many (I’m sure some people can relate and support on here so thank you for sharing), with significant impact on psychological well-being too.

We have discussed recurrent thrush over on our blog: Dr HANX: Recurrent Thrush - hopefully there are some useful nuggets in there that could help you on your journey to recovering from thrush. However, my main advice is to have expert input, to trial different treatments (sometimes unfortunately people become resistant to the treatment which you have become but there are other options to trial), and keep persevering.

Recurrent vulval thrush is usually thought to be caused by host factors, so taking all aspects of your lifestyle into consideration is important in managing it.

Keep us posted on how you get on :hugs:

Sarah x

Hi Mads,

Sorry to hear this - dealing with any kind of chronic pain is so difficult! Afraid I don’t have any medical advice, but just make sure you’re taking care of yourself too! So tough to deal with something alone, especially if you feel like you can’t tell people about it. I do follow Grace Hazel on instagram who talks all things spiritual and holistic vaginal health - so might be worth checking out. You’re not alone for sure, and it will stop! <3

Hi Mads,

How are you getting on with this? So sorry to hear that its getting you down (no wonder it sounds tough!). Also following this thread as its always good to be able to give advice and know about these things :heart:

Hi all, I am still suffering! And have tested positive for thrush 5 months in a row now! I am desperate so any other tips would be so appreciated.