Resources/recommendations for exploring female sexuality?

Hi everyone :wave:t2: I just discovered the Hanx forum a few days ago and wish I’d known about it sooner! What a great community.

I wondered if anyone has any recommendations for thoughtful books, articles, blogs, YouTube chats etc. that talk honestly about female sexuality/desire?

I’ve just read Moan: anonymous essays on female orgasm by Emma Koenig and it was such an amazing book. It’s kind of sad to realise it’s the first time I’ve ever heard real women talk so openly and frankly about own their desire and pleasure and it was pretty eye opening! And inspiring and empowering. So I’m looking for some more of that! Any recommendations on further reading etc. or thoughts about what’s helped you connect with your own sexuality if you’re comfortable sharing that would be gratefully received.

Coming from a very buttoned up family and having got the usual abysmal sex Ed in school, and only the unrealistic (and pretty unfeminist - anyone else have second thoughts when rewatching old fave room coms?!) Hollywood movie role models, I feel like I’m only really learning a lot of this now.

Thank you in advance :two_hearts:


OMG Yes is amazing!

We should totally normalise this and make orgams the norm for all :blush:

Agree with you @Freya and I had a similar upbringing so v passionate about this and love HANX for opening the convo


Great to have you on board Freya!!

I’d recommend come as you are by Emily Nagoski!

Also there are some great resources over on the blog x

Hi Freya!

Will definitely have to give Moan a read after your recco. I really need to get into more contemporary explorations of female sexuality - haven’t properly dived into it since reading things like Jim Crace’s The Devil’s Larder (which revolves around food and desire).

I also come from a buttoned up family and a Catholic girls’ school education saw me sleepwalk through sex for long time without considering what I actually like! Will share any recommendations as I find them. :slight_smile:

Hi Freya,
I love to see stuff like this on here and thank you for sharing your resources! I loved the book Tomorrow Sex Will Be Good Again by Katherine Angel, which talks a lot about female sexuality and pleasure, as well as consent. Would love to hear your thoughts on it if you do decide to read! xx

Hi Freya and everyone :blush:

I’ve just been catching up on this, and although I don’t have any recommendations yet I’d like to follow this thread. Thanks so much to everyone who’s already written their recommendations, I’d love to hear if you have any more, so great to see people taking about this :hearts:

Love this thread! I would like to read more on this - so really appreciate everyones suggestions :hugs: Also love podcasts for this kind of thing, maybe a bit less serious but used to love listening to Guys we f*cked podcast - a lot of laughs too!

these are all so interesting - will definitely be adding some to my list! i recently read three women by lisa taddeo which was billed as an exploration of female desire, but i felt (whilst it was a really interesting read) it fell short in actually exploring desire and it was focused on three, middle-class american women and their relationships with men so was lacking in diversity. hoping some of these others will be better!