Sex Rules In Lockdown: 2021

Here we are again! It’s 2021, lockdown is in full effect and there’s no end in sight until February 15th (if we’re lucky) so, how can we get our rocks off right now? :eyes:

Spoiler alert: it’s just you and your hand (or preferred accessory) tonight.

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How are you feeling? Is lockdown affecting your relationships or sex life? Let us know below!


The moment lockdown is over: go HARD on the apps!

I am soooooo ready to date in real life. Honestly so over this lockdown now :frowning:

Keeping everything crossed we can actually have IRL dates soon xx

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I don’t know about anyone else but I have been wearing a variety of tracky b’s, fleeces, hoodies for the past year, as has my partner. There’s no one else I want to be with, or fancy, but I am just not excited sexually about spending another evening watching tv!! We pretended we were on a date one night and got dressed up but I cba to be honest :joy: Reading the above comments though I should be grateful and make the most of a live hot blooded partner next to me!!

Me too Rosie!! I have tried the zoom dates but just so tricky to get the chemistry and flirtations across… my fave bit of dating. I am SO ready for proper old school dating :wink:

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There’s nothing quite like meeting eyes across the room, right? :wink:

Just want to go out with someone nice and have a drink

The bar is low

Hi @cleansetoneblog I just noticed this while complaining about pushing myself to go on dates in 2022, such relatable content :joy: the bar is low :sob: :joy: