Summer Of Love 2021

We are all oh so ready. The Summer of love we have been waiting for is finally here.

Or is it?

We have been locked up, let out, masked up, kept at a distance, stayed indoors, not seen loved ones, missed out on dates, lost opportunities to meet new partners, locked in with old partners… Our libidos have taken a hit, our sex lives have never been less active, our summer holiday romances are just a dream… Some of us have been vaccinated, and we are constantly waiting for the next bit of good news. :disappointed_relieved:

Summer 2021 is here. And we are longing for it to be the Summer Of Love :heartbeat:

How do you feel? Tell us your experience, and how you’re feeling about this summer. With things reopening, are you planning more dates, have you got your mojo back, or are you still feeling apprehensive?

Let’s talk.



SO READY!! I’ve already started dating again. It’s been so much easier with things opening and the good weather. My sex drive is also so much higher. Maybe because of the VitD from the sun!! But I’m feeling like I’m ready to meet people and start relationships, which is such a relief as lockdown got me so low. Get those HANX at the ready Summer 2021!!

Its been so nice to be able to meet people in a bar again rather than going for awkward coffee walks! I definitely am still getting used to socialising again - and have noticed this in the people I have dated as well. Anyone else?! I got used to chatting to people for a while over lockdown before meeting up, but now people are keen to meet straight away. While I do like to get out there and chat in person, sometimes I’m nervous to meet someone so quickly. Would love to hear if anyone has any tips :slight_smile:


Great to hear this. Bring to the summer of love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Feeling a bit nervous tbh. Going months on end without touching another human has had a huge impact on me and I have to say, I’m worried about how I will react intimately. And also how someone else will react to being intimate with me. That just me??!! Is there something wrong with me??

I really want to have sex, and lockdown has made my sex dreams go wild :rofl:

BUTTTT I am defs more anxious than excited. I think it might be easier to go there with someone I have had sex with before might be the best way into this. Or is that a bad idea. Advice much appreciated!!