Sweet Nothings: How's your lockdown libido?

WFH killing your buzz? Clubhouse notifications ruining the mood? Hornier than ever before? Join us as we slip into something a little more comfortable, shake the sheets and invite you in for a coffee to explore the impact of lockdown, social distancing and WFH on our sex lives.

The big question: how’s your lockdown libido? Let us know below (and we’ll slip into your DMs with a code for a FREE* 3-Pack of our vegan condoms, you just pay postage!) #HANXSweetNothings

*T&Cs: First 100 respondents, ends midnight Sunday 14th February, GMT.


Well I can answer this question easily, I have no sex life as I live alone. Out of sight out of mind as they say! It is a good thing I can laugh about it.


I was fine in lockdown one and two but I’ve totally lost my libidio in lockdown three - grrrr! can’t wait for my vaccine and dating to be honest! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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know the feeling :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: x

Spot on, @Calltainn - I have a feeling our latest IG post might make you smile… :smiley:

Honestly? it’s awful, all I do is sleep and work and try and keep it together, sex is the last thing on my mind.

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Good times are coming, keep the faith @frenchxvanilla ! Just dropped you a message with your code :eyes:

It’s really hard going - we’re here for you, @cleansetoneblog . :blue_heart: I’ve dropped you a DM with your code and in the meantime, you can find resources over on this IG post.

YES! So glad someone’s actually asked the question. Hate that everyone presumes we’re all at it like rabbits! Work is so, so stressful and there’s no off switch so honestly, when am I meant to feel horny? :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

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Yes it made me giggle :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :rofl::crazy_face:

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Exactly, @verytiredtbh ! Hoping work eases up and you get to hit that ‘off switch’ soon. Dropped you a DM with your code :blue_heart:

I have well and truly lost all libido during lockdown. Really trying to pick this back up with a self love evening once a week, switching off the laptop early and popping on a candle but with this lockdown, i seem to have less and less time!

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Love this, @SophieG ! Maybe even pop on an ‘out of office’ saying you need the R&R (got one the other day and it really made me think)!

Just dropped you a DM with your code :eyes:

Initially my libido (and my partners) was sky high!! We loved being locked down at home together, and it was a real treat to see more of each other… but over the past few months mine has really taken a dip :frowning: the lockdown is less of a novelty now and I am definitely feeling more meh than normal. I’m hoping this V-day I will feel more up for it!! And things recover in the coming months… roll on summer…
Also, CH is defs not helping- we are basically on social of some kind 24/7 now. HELP!!

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My libido is doing its super active thang. It’s been quite a challenge moving back in with family and repressing this but have to prioritise public safety over my satisfaction - hopefully soon we’ll feel some release ahaha <3


My sex drive at the beginning of the first lockdown was through the roof! But my partner had none and made me feel disgusting. At the beginning of the lockdown in November, it was still high but I was newly single with no lockdown bae and my toys were doing overtime.
But then, the lockdowns and tiers took their toll and I currently have zero sex drive, something I have NEVER experienced.
Hopefully the lockdowns end soon and some normality returns. I have plans :wink: they know how to awaken my sex drive haha


Cockblocked by CH, it’s a thing @elle! Hope things get a little spicier on your end, I’ve dropped you a DM with your code :eyes:

Hey @sunny, that is a challenge but kudos to you and here’s to future fun! Just dropped you a DM with your code :eyes:

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Hey @Da.bizzle, fingers crossed you feel better and are reaching for that toy drawer again soon! I’ve just dropped you a DM with your code :eyes:

Pininnggg but then have started taking anti-depressants which take it all away :frowning:

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