The Blues: Hormonal Contraception and Mental Health

Recently, we asked you: what impact has hormonal contraception had on your mental health? Virtual floodgates were opened and a tidal wave of good, bad and non-committal answers surged through our inbox, usually topped with ‘omg sorry that was so long!!’ breaker. :ocean::ocean::ocean:

Our collective experiences with hormonal contraceptives are deeply personal, circumstantial and unique - here’s what you have to say on the pill over on our Naked Truths blog. :pill: Have you noticed changes to your mental health while on the pill? Let us know below… #HANXBlues

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The pill messed me up but the mini pill didn’t?!

Thanks for sharing, Caz. Head to our IG Stories for more experiences with the pill and mini pill.

Hey, I had good relationship with the pill mentally and physically however having been off the pill for 13 months now, whilst I thought I had a ‘normal’ period - I still don’t. This scares me that being on the pill can affect your body for so long afterwards. I was on it for 15 years. The Book Period Power by Maisie Hill was such a learning curve for me and I wish I had read it when I was 15. Doctors still use the pill to ‘solve’ so many things and I disagree with that.

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I cannot go near hormones… sadly tried them all and wasted so many years putting up with awful side effects :weary:

Stick to good old condoms (the pull-out method didn’t work for me either… leading to emergency contraception and yet more hormones) !! So THANX HANX for the best in class xxxx