The Business of Birth Control

Was really curious to start this thread between Hanx and people that use Hanx products. I recently came across this podcast that interviewed the filmmakers who created this new documentary called The Business of Birth Control which sounds super interesting. Apparently, it’s been suppressed by a lot of big pharma from being distributed more widely than it has. I wondered what Hanx’s view was on the film (if you’ve come across it?) and what the general feeling is about the contraceptive pill since the pill was released? My only experience (as a man) with it is by proxy from my partner using it and then coming off it about 5 years ago because of side effects. Anyway, this seems like the best space I can think of to talk more about it. It seems like such a difficult subject as it’s tied to female empowerment but also at the same time suppression (when it comes to natural hormones). Curious on people’s thoughts! Have you seen the film?

Hi Harry- I have not seen the documentary but thank you for flagging, one to keep an eye.

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Hi Harry! I’ve not seen this film, but it looks really interesting, thanks for sharing. In terms of general pill sentiment, I think as a whole it’s great - a lot of women I know have had no (or very little) side effects and it’s been a massive boost for them to be able to have more control over their cycle and their. periods, which is great. However, some people definitely do have negative side effects - I had to come off the combined pill after it led to really severe migraines, and the mini-pill led to a breakout, so I now use Hanx condoms! Ultimately, I think education around the pill is important, and everyone reacts differently to it and it should be a personal decision :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for sharing Harry - I’m excited to check this out. I’m curious, is this something you would ever chat about among male friends? I feel like its a fairly common thing for me to end up chatting to friends about, but don’t usually hear guys being so tuned in! (its definitely a good thing :hugs:)

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Hey @Anna14, definitely! The screening here in Bristol is going to be really great and my wife has organised a great panel for a Q&A too! In terms of speaking to male friends about it, I absolutely do now. 2 years ago I would have said no and maybe 6-8 years ago it would have been very limited conversation with my then girlfriend (now wife). The only reason I feel more at ease bringing it up has really come down to Maria’s journey coming off the pill (partially for side effects but also because she wanted the benefits you get from the natural hormones while having a menstrual cycle that you don’t get with the chemical ones on the pill).

We’ve kind of become a little activist team I guess but it’s made me a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the pill. This film seems good though because it acknowledges everything the pill has given people that ovulate but also doesn’t shy away from the darker side of it.

@Ellen1001 yes couldn’t agree more with the education piece! The film website actually offers a body literacy course too which I think is great. I’d love to see Hanx take on something similar in terms of education around menstrual cycles (not just for people that have a cycle but also how it effects others that don’t, whether that’s colleagues or partners), maybe that’s not their role? I dunno but I feel like if you sell the pill it could make sense? I think one of the biggest shocks for my partner coming off the pill was realising it can’t regulate her periods and while on the pill she only ever had withdrawal bleeds not periods (something her doctors misled her about, that you can’t have a period while on the pill because you’re not ovulating) :frowning: