The coil and bleeding

I am looking for some advice for anyone that uses the copper IUD. I have had this fitted now for almost a year as I have had reactions to hormonal contraceptives. I have been having regular periods which are usually very heavy and very painful. Since having the coil, my boyfriend has always pulled out until about two weeks ago when he ejaculated in me for the first time. Obviously I didn’t see this as an issue as I have the coil. Anyway, my period was due last Friday and I am equally getting as much pain but hardly any blood, I am barely spotting. Is this something I should be concerned about and visit my GP or has anyone else experienced this before and it just happens to be consequential.

Hi @elenaemilia1

Thanks for sharing, and sorry you’ve been having a few difficulties recently.

The IUD is a very effective form of contraceptive (over 99%) and can last from 5-10 years depending on which type you have. Although your boyfriend has been pulling out, this is not something that is necessary to prevent pregnancy, as the coil is effective on its own at doing this.

Many women have heavier periods with the copper coil, and this can be ongoing or last 3-6 months from initial fitting. The fact that you have been having regular periods (albeit heavy and painful) is quite normal. However, the change is your bleeding pattern is what is more surprising and worth getting checked out. There are many things that affect menstrual cycle, including stress and change in diet/ exercise, but I would see your GP to have a full history taken and they can get to the bottom of what might be causing the changes.

I hope it settles back to normal soon. Keep us posted!

Sarah x