The sex has just stopped 😢

I’m in a long term relationship with my boyfriend and things are well- we have issues and we do deal with them however there is always one- sex

Don’t get me wrong when we have sex Jesus it’s incredible!! I feel like I’m on a high! pleasured in all manner of ways but that WHEN we have sex we could go for 3 months without having sex and I’m going crazy!

I live with my parents and he lives with flat mates so he finds it hard to have sex in these places because people are around. I’m fed up of paying for hotels, buying sexy lingerie, waiting to go on holiday to have sex, literally throwing myself at him just to have sex- my vibrater (although I use it ever so often) is currently my best friend!

At the beginning yes we were like rabbits literally fucking everywhere we went! But it’s just gone from 100-0 real quick! I’ve has plenty of conversation with him even suggesting counselling but we talk, he listen, we have sex and then I’m waiting for another 3 months. And what makes it worst is I work two jobs and I’m not tired I just want to be touched!!! It sometimes make it think that I’m not good for him and I’m lost what to do

Any suggestions would be great!

Hey hun, it sounds like you’ve been going round in circles with your boyfriend, you wait and wait to have sex, then it becomes too much so he gives you what you need, then it starts all over again. Sounds super fucking frustrating.

If at the beginning you were doing it everywhere and all the time, I’m assuming this means you were having sex at his place and yours, and it didn’t bother him back then that people were around? That’s a little odd.

  1. Stop putting in all the effort, a relationship is a two way street. It’s not okay that you feel like you’re throwing yourself at your boyfriend, you deserve to feel loved, adored and desired. Explain to him how he’s making you feel, and don’t let him try and fuck his way out of it.

  2. Then tell him you don’t want to be in a relationship where you only have sex every 3 months/when you’re on holiday. Tell him that the two of you need to come up with a permanent solution one that involves you two having sex at least twice a week.

  3. At this stage are you sure he’s the one for you? I don’t know much about you, though I feel like you may be the only one fighting for this relationship. Figure out if he’s really what you want/need.

Hope that helps :green_heart:

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Thanks Baies for your suggestion!

I’m glad I can just voice this as it is becoming fucking frustrating!!

Will definitely take the advice on board as it’s only going to lead to one thing- breaking up!

Thanks again :blush:

Hey @TwinF, @Baies has really hit the nail on the head here. Above all else, remember to look out for your own mental heath, if you’re in a relationship that is doing you more harm than good it might be time to take a step back and focus on yourself. Keep us updated, we’d like to know how things go :kissing_heart:

Hey @TwinF how are things going with your boyfriend?

Hi @Emma_HANX things have got a little better we are having more sex but it’s ever so often but it’s a start- still having to instigate sex but sometime the excuses are still there

We have spoken loads about it and I’ve voiced my frustration but I feel like we are having sex because of the talk and not because we are both in the mood- where do I go from here?

Any suggestions would be great!

Hey @TwinF. Completely understand that you feel like it’s forced if you’re having sex after you’ve spoken about having sex. Out of curiosity do you guys get to go out often for dates? Sometimes spending quality one on one time out of the house can bring a spark back.