Thinking about polyamory

I’ve been in a long term relationship for 5 years and I don’t want to end things, though I think I’d like to occasionally date other people too. I’m not missing anything from my current relationship I just want to experience something new. Does anyone have experience with successful polyamorous relationships or do you have any advice for someone looking to move into polyamorous relationships for the first time?

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Hey @Noir, it’s completely normal to be considering new sexual experiences when you’ve been in a relationship for such a long time. Before you venture into the world of open relationships and maybe polyamory think about what your ideal scenario would be. It will help your partner to understand what you need if you’ve got a clear picture yourself. When you broach the topic, be prepared for your partner to feel shocked and or a bit hurt, you’ve had plenty of time to get used to the idea in your head, they will need time too :relaxed:

Hey @Noir, I think you’ve taken a really mature and realistic view to your relationship. The reality is monogamy and love are not the same thing, though society has conditioned us to believe that they are. I’d recommend reading a book called ‘The Ethical Slut’, it’s a great read and it will help you to understand how polyamory can work for you, it will also help you to set boundaries and rules that suit your relationship. Bonne chance :dizzy:

Just going to through it out there but have you thought about a Kurious Kittens event? Might spice things up a little with you both?