Tips for making sex less painful during pregnancy

Hi Hanx,

I’m finally over the hurdle of morning sickness- hooray :joy: !

BUT, recently, I have started to find sex uncomfortable as my body is changing with the second trimester!. Do you have any advice on how to stay comfortable during pregnancy?

Thanks a mil x


Hi @Robyn

Thank for sharing and congratulations on getting through the first trimester of pregnancy. This first 12 weeks can be very tricky, especially with morning sickness, so I am glad to hear that’s settled.

The second and third trimesters do bring along new challenges, as you will be experiencing!
As your bump grows, your body will stretch and move and adapt to accommodate your growing baby.

It is completely safe to have sex during pregnancy, unless your doctor or midwife has told you specifically not to. Having sex doesn’t harm the baby. However, with your changing body, it is normal for some women to find sex uncomfortable. One top tip it to use lubricant. Our HANX water-based, natural formula is kind to your vaginal pH and gentle on the body.

It may be that certain positions are also better for you, so make sure you listen to your body and communicate with your partner. Be creative, and the main thing is to keep in mind yours and your partners pleasure and comfort :slight_smile:

Please do keep us posted.

Good luck,
Sarah x

Lube was the winner for me!!! Pregnancy definitely changed how I felt about my body too, so try and look after yourself/ stay healthy, as this really helped make me stay sexy with my second (not the first !!)