Trouble discussing safe sex

I’ve been speaking to friends and we’ve found that often when casually dating the default is to not use condoms, and it can be difficult to bring this up. Has anyone else experienced this? How do you find it best to initiate a discussion about safe sex? Its so important but why is it so hard to talk about!!!


Totally get this Jen. I look at like: you either want safe sex awk convo, or you want an STI or unwanted pregnancy… you pick!!

I mean I know it’s not that easy, but seriously that’s what it boils down to.

The easiest thing I’ve found is just whipping out a HANX. They don’t have a choice at that point :innocent:

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@eliza :rofl: :rofl:

Still a tricky one though. I think it’s better to bring up before you get to that stage and say when you’re having drinks/ dinner that you care about sexual health and your body etc. I’ve done that before - it came up in convo and was so much better to have spoken about it before we got to the bedroom.