Using coconut oil as lube?

I’ve read about a lot of people using coconut oil as lube or to moisturise down there, but I wasn’t sure if you’re meant to do this? I am really sensitive so could be a good natural option but don’t want to do anything that might irritate me! I guess maybe normal lube is just better? I’ve not really used it before but I would like to try! :sweat_drops:

Hi @Anna14, there’s a lot of conflicting opinions out there about getting the coconut out but the main thing I’ve taken away from it is: DON’T USE IT WITH CONDOMS! The oil can actually degrade latex so be careful. :coconut:

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Ahhh good to know re using it with condoms! So many of my friends swear by using this but maybe they are not referring to using with condoms :thinking:

Ah I did not know this could be bad for condoms! Very important - and noted! I will pass on the info!!

I’ve seen this recommended by influencers before but always been uncertain. Good to know it is a no go with condoms!