Using Hanx condoms for dental dams?

I’m really curious, I’m new to Hanx and this forum. I have purchased the Hanx condoms and have enjoyed them. But what about dental dams? I wasn’t sure if the Hanx condoms would be okay, while still effective cutting and using them for dental dams?

Not to be totally stupid here but what is a dental dam? :see_no_evil:

You’re not stupid, dental dams are latex or polyurethane sheets used between the mouth and vagina or anus during oral sex. There’s been some sexual health articles online suggesting to use a condom to snip off the top, bottom and then slice down the middle of the condom to use as a dental dam that way. I just wasn’t sure about trying that method using a Hanx condom

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Hey @Charlotte,

You’re right in that dental dams are great for protecting against STIs during oral sex.

Although great in theory, they can be very hard to find in practise… but good news is, you can improvise!

HANX condoms are safe and effective in acting as a barrier for STI protection. However, they are the wrong shape for the genital area, so in order to transform into a dental dam, cut the tip off the top and bottom of the condom and down one side of it. Then unroll the condom to create your very own dental dam :smiley:

However, be careful when you’re cutting a condom, so to avoid any accidental holes where you shouldn’t!

Hope that helps,
Sarah x


@Charlotte if you don’t already follow @sh24_nhs on Instagram, they have a great video on how to do this! (Ignore the D*rex though!). :wink:

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