Want To Test Future HANX Products?

2022 is set to be a big year for HANX - and we want you to be a part of it.

Want to be the first to test out top secret new products? Drop us a comment here and you might just get a cheeky DM when we have some exciting news… :point_down::point_down::point_down:


I might be interested in trying some things :slight_smile:

Always keen to hear more! :innocent: :innocent:

Myself and my partner would be interested in helping you test new products.

Yes please. I’d be interested.

I’d be very interested!!

Oooooh I love new fings!

Yes please!! Always keen to try new things!

Noted and noted. :wink: What would your dream next HANX product drop be?

Well, have we got newness for you! (Not right now… but it’s coming). Thanks for volunteering! :blue_heart:

Horndogs are ALWAYS welcome in HANX world! :wink:

You’re on the list. Like a nightclub with the friendliest bouncer you’ve ever met. :blue_heart:

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Fantastic! We’ll put you both down on our ‘adventurous’ list… :blue_heart:

Well, Charlotte, we might just be able to do a little something about that. Stay tuned for top-secret-updates-from-the-HANX-lab! :wink:

We’ve got you, Rosie. You’ll be the first to hear! :wave:

Yes I would definitely be up for this!!

Absolutely! Love beta testing new shiny things :heart_eyes:

Maybe a lube or would love you to branch out into toys!

We hear you, Becky! :wave:

Harry, you’re already on our list. :wink:

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